Answers Installation

If you don’t already have a Fabric account, request an invitation from a member of your company’s Fabric organization or sign up and create a new organization. A Fabric account is needed before you can install any of our kits.

Answers is part of the Crashlytics SDK and we recommend using them together to gain the most insight into your app. If Crashlytics is installed, Answers can be enabled by visiting

Answers, without Crashlytics, can be installed manually by following the instructions on or through the Fabric IDE plugin that can be downloaded from

Once you’ve installed Answers, visit to view code examples and the following sections for detailed documentation.

Enable opt-in reporting

You may need to ensure that you’re users have given consent that analytics information can be collected. If so, please follow this guide, but replace Fabric.with(this, new Crashlytics()); with Fabric.with(this, new Answers());