Advanced Setup

Use the Privacy Dialog

By default, this feature is disabled. When a crash occurs in any version of your app, this will ask your users if that crash should be reported. If you’d like to enable it, you can do it in your app settings page. Finally, select the app and click on “Enable Privacy Prompt”.


If you want to use the Privacy Dialog, an Activity context is needed in order to display the UI prompt to allow or deny sending of the crash report. As a result, you need to move the initialization of Fabric to your application’s MainActivity’s onCreate.

Localizing the Dialog

To localize the dialog, create localized string resources with some specific names. Here’s a strings.xml file with all the string resource names we’ll look for and some example values:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <string name="com.crashlytics.CrashSubmissionPromptTitle">
          Send Crash Report?</string>
    <string name="com.crashlytics.CrashSubmissionPromptMessage">
          Looks like we crashed! Please help us fix the problem
          by sending a crash report.</string>
    <string name="com.crashlytics.CrashSubmissionSendTitle">
    <string name="com.crashlytics.CrashSubmissionAlwaysSendTitle">
          Always Send</string>
    <string name="com.crashlytics.CrashSubmissionCancelTitle">
          Don't Send</string>

Identifiers Used

Crashlytics uses a variety of identifiers to provide our services including the Android ID and Android Advertising ID.

Proxy setup

On Windows, in Program Files/Android/Android-Studio/bin/ open these two files: studio.exe.vmoptions and studio64.exe.vmoptions

On Mac, open up the Android Studio package contents in the bin/ folder called idea.vmoptions.

Add these settings to your respective file or files: