Updating your organization’s settings

To perform a variety of administrative tasks, head to your organization settings page. You can also click on the settings gear next to your profile image in the top-right corner of the dashboard. After that, click “Organizations”.

Adding a new organization

Click the green “Add” button and enter the desired name. Press Enter to save or click on the blue checkmark.

Changing the name

Select the organization in the list. Click the pencil icon next to the current name and enter the new name. Press Enter to save or click on the blue checkmark.

Managing team members

Open the “Team Members” tab to see the list of all Admins and Members in the organization. Refer to the Permissions section for details on the differences between the two.

To remove a team member, click on the x icon next to their name. If you are an Admin and want to remove yourself, you must first promote another team member to Admin. To do so, click on the their name and then on the blue “Member” button – the button’s text will change to “Admin” and its color to green.

To add a new member, open the the “Invite” tab. Enter their email address in the provided text field and click the “Add” button. You can add multiple email addresses – when done, click the blue “Send Invites” button.

You can also select which apps your invitees will have access to by default.

Enabling emails notifications

Open the “Apps” tab to see the list of all apps that belong to the organization.

To receive email notifications for a particular app, click on the eye icon next to its name. You will receive emails for events enabled in Notifications settings.

Managing credentials

Fabric uses an API key and a build secret to authenticate your apps. You can see the credentials by clicking on the respective links under the organization’s name.

If you want to change your build secret, click the “Build Secret” link, then the “Change Build Secret” link, and finally the “Change” button in the dialog box.


You must be an Admin in your organization to change the build secret.

Once you’ve changed your build secret, make sure to update it in your projects.

On Android:

Replace the existing apiSecret with the new value in your fabric.properties file in the root your project. You may want to commit this to source control to ensure that the entire team gets the updated value.

On iOS:

Update the build secret in your run script build phase and any place you are invoking the submit tool.

Removing an organization


You must be an Admin in the organization you want to remove and be part of one other organization. If you need to remove your last organization, please contact us.

To remove an organization, head to your app’s settings. Then remove all existing apps in the organization by following the steps here. After removing all apps and confirming the organization’s deletion, the organization will be removed and no one will be able to access it.