Many powerful tools, one easy platform.

Fabric is a mobile platform with modular kits you can mix and match to build the best apps. Fabric is tightly integrated into your dev environment, making adding new services a breeze. Start with what you need from Fabric today, and quickly add more kits as your needs grow.

Getting Started

If you have not been invited to a Fabric organization, create an account in Firebase to get started. Fabric products have now been integrated into Firebase and new users should start there to take advantage of the latest features. Check out our roadmap to learn more about the transition to Firebase.

For existing Fabric customers, kits can be installed via https://fabric.io/kits.


If you have multiple accounts press Ctrl+L with the Fabric plugin in focus to log out.

If you have an Application subclass, then you can place Fabric.with() in the onCreate() method. Otherwise, if you have multiple launch activities in your app, then add Fabric.with() to each launch activity. Fabric is only initialized the first time you call start, so calling it multiple times won’t cause any issues.

You can learn more about each kit by visiting our Kit Discovery site and from the following sections:

  • Answers - Real-time analytics and event tracking
  • Beta - App distribution for beta testing
  • Crashlytics - Best-in-class crash reporting
  • Digits - Phone number sign-in