Notification Settings

To change your email address, email preferences, or which apps you’re receiving notifications from, head to your notification settings. You can also click on the settings gear next to your profile image in the top-right corner of the dashboard. After that, click “Notifications”.

Change Notifications

To enable or disable specific notification types across all apps that you’re watching, click the toggle for the notification type you wish to enable or disable. The types of notifications are:

  • New Issue
  • New Non Fatal Issue
  • Regressed Issue
  • Crash Stability Digest
  • Issue Velocity Alert
  • New Note
  • Stability Alert
  • Fabric Daily Summary
  • New Integration
  • Tester Accepted
  • Tester Added New Device

Watch New Apps

Notifications are sent for each application that you are watching. By default, any new apps that are added to your organization are automatically watched, so that you’re aware of any crash reports or Answers Anomalies.

To change this, click the checkbox underneath “Defaults”.

Unwatch Apps

To unwatch apps that you’re no longer interested in getting notifications for, click the “watching” link just above “Defaults”. Then, click the eye icon to the right of each app that you no longer wish to watch.


If you ever want to start watching an app again, just head to your app’s settings and click the eye icon for any app you want to start watching.

Add Multiple Email Addresses

You can easily add multiple email addresses to your Fabric account by adding them under the “Emails” section on your notifications settings page. Once you do that, if you have multiple organizations, you can select which email account gets emails from that specific organization. This makes it very easy to have one account, but lets you separate your notifications from work apps and other apps completely separate.

Change your Primary Email Address

While you can have multiple email addresses at once, there can be only one primary email address. This is the email address that you will use to login!

To switch the primary email addresses, hit the Primary button next to your other email address. If you want to, you can remove any old email addresses that are no longer in use.