3rd Party Kits

Fabric has deprecated the third party kits as of August 2, 2018. As of this date, you will not be able to onboard new third party kits via Fabric to your apps. Below is a summary of all changes:

  1. You can continue using Crashlytics, Answers and Admob kits.
  2. Any existing apps using third party kits are not affected. Your dashboard and how your app functions stay the same.

To focus our efforts on supporting your migration to Firebase, we no longer offer the ability to add third-party kits to new projects. Your existing integrations will continue to work, but we recommend that you get updates directly from the kit provider in order to get the latest version of the kits.

Where to get SDKs

While kits are not available from Fabric, they are still available for download from the websites of their respective companies.

Here are the locations to install the third party SDKs: