Twitter Kit

Twitter content, live and lightweight in your app.

Twitter Kit is designed to make interacting with Twitter- whether it’s logging someone in, displaying Tweets, or Tweeting from your app- seamless and efficient. Twitter Kit offers pre-built views for single Tweets or live timelines, and a composer that makes sharing from your app a matter of adding just a few lines of code.

The Android SDK is a collection of individual feature modules, called Kits. The SDK provides the following Kits:


Let users log in with Twitter via Single Sign-On. Make authenticated requests to the Twitter API to load Tweets, users, search results, and other Twitter content.


Embed media-forward or compact Tweet views into your views and list views to show users information that is relevant to your app. Let users share Tweets discovered via your app.


Let users compose new Tweets as part of your app or share content discovered via your app. This Kit provides a lightweight mechanism for creating intents to interact with the installed Twitter app or a browser.

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