Enable Conversion Tracking

If you want to enable conversion tracking via Fabric, this will walk you through getting up and running!


When setting up conversion tracking, if Answers has not yet been enabled for your app, you need an admin within your Fabric organization to enable Answers as a part of this setup or before starting.

First, login to Twitter Ads and click on “Create New Campaign”


Then select “App installs or engagements”.


Next, choose “Set up conversion tracking”


and select “Manage mobile measurement partners”.


After that select “Answers”


Then click on “Go to Answers” which will take you to Onboard Conversion Tracking where you can accept the additional terms and conditions for conversion tracking.


After you accept the terms, authorize Twitter on behalf of your application


We’ll take you back to your web dashboard. Select the first app that you would like to enable. If you want to add more than one, don’t worry, you’ll be able to easily repeat this process in a few seconds :)


Select your Ad account, iTunes Store country, and click [Enable].


You must include AdSupport.framework into your app. If you don’t have it yet, then add the framework and submit your application for review by Apple. AdSupport.framework helps allow Fabric to attribute an install based on your campaign.


To add the AdSupport framework, in Xcode first click the “+” button in the Link Binary with Libraries phase of your Project’s Build Phases.


And select AdSupport.framework


You should see AdSupport.framework listed in the linked frameworks.


Finally, you can add additional apps for conversion tracking or return to your ads.twitter.com dashboard!


Conversion tracking also requries that “Twitter Enhanced Feature Set” be enabled. You can enable it from your application’s settings page by selecting your app and then clicking on “Enable Twitter Enhanced Feature Set.”