Beta Walkthrough

The process of distributing your app via Beta involves:

  1. Invite testers.
  2. Add tester’s device’s UDID to the iOS Dev Center.
  3. Rebuild the app using an updated Provisioning Profile.
  4. Distributing the app.

1. Invite Testers


Make sure the Fabric plugin is running.

In order to distribute your app to testers, you must first archive it in Xcode:

  1. In the project navigator, select an iOS device from the Scheme toolbar menu.
  1. Select Product > Archive
  2. The Fabric plugin will detect the archiving. Click the Distribute button.
  1. Enter the tester’s email and click the Next button.
  1. Enter the release notes and click the Next button.

This will upload the app to Beta and notify the tester via email. If a tester attempts to install the app on a device not yet registered in your provisioning profile, proceed to sections 3 through 5.

2. Add New Device UDIDs to the iOS Dev Center

In order to deploy an iOS app to a device, the provisioning profile used needs to contain the UDID of said device. If it does not, instead of receiving a link to the install the app, the tester will get a link to the Beta web app, which is used to collect their device UDID and alert them as new versions of your app become available. Once a tester installs the web app, you will receive a notification containing an attachment with their UDID. UDIDs will also be displayed in the Fabric OS X app when creating a distribution that includes testers with missing UDIDs.

  1. Download the device-udid-export.txt attachment from the notification email or within the Fabric OS X app.
  1. Open the iOS Dev Center’s Devices page.
  2. Drag and drop the device-udid-export.txt file into the upload box. Alternatively, you can enter the UDIDs manually.
../_images/devcenter-add-udid.png ../_images/devcenter-add-udid-complete.png


Adding a new device will automatically add it to the iOS Team Provisioning Profile.


If you see any testers with a yellow “Warning” icon next to their name, it means that their UDID is not in your Provisioning Profile. Follow the steps above to add the UDID to your provisioning profile.


3. Rebuild the App Using an Updated Provisioning Profile

  1. In Xcode, select Preferences > Accounts > Your Apple ID. Click the View Details button.
  2. Right-click on the iOS Team Provisioning Profile and select the Move To Trash option.
  1. Click on the Download button next to the profile.

Your local provisioning profile will now contain the tester’s device’s UDID.

4. Distributing the app

You are now ready to redistribute your app: follow the steps in the “Inviting Testers” section again.