Manage Testers

The Beta dashboard allows you to easily manage your testers. Tester management is done on a per-build basis. Click on the current build pane to see a list of all your app’s builds.


You can then click on a particular build to manage its testers.



If you want to remove (archive) a build, head to your Apps Settings page. Then, select your app, click on the “Versions” tab, and disable any builds you no longer need. Please note that this will disable crash reporting as well.

To invite new testers into your app, just click on the “Add Testers” button below the build you currently have selected.


Then enter the email address of the tester and hit the blue Mail icon to send the invite.

You can see how many individuals and groups (see section below) have been invited to test a particular build. A tester is assigned one of four statuses in the following progression. First, a tester is marked as Invited after getting sent an invite email. Once the tester clicks the “Let Me In” button in the email and provides their name, their status changes to Accepted. Following the installation of the build on their device, the status changes to Installed. Finally, after launching the build for the first time, the status is updated to Launched.


You can click on a tester to get the details on their activity.


To change the tester’s name in the Beta dashboard, click on the the pen icon in the top left corner. You can see the builds that the tester has access to, the devices they use to test, and the groups they belong to. Hover over the builds and a red “Revoke Access” button will appear on the right; click to terminate the tester’s access to a particular build. You can click the “Delete” button to remove the tester from being able to test the app; their testing history will be preserved. If one of your testers missed the original email to use your app, just re-invite them by clicking the “Resend Invitation” link.

Tester Groups

You can distribute builds to groups of testers. After you upload the first build of your app, a new tab item will appear in the Fabric dashboard – it’s visible only when the Beta dashboard is selected. Click on it to manage your groups.


You can create a new group by specifying its name. A sanitized alias will be automatically generated based on the name – you can refer to in your continuous integration workflow. Please refer to the iOS, Ant, Gradle, and Maven pages for details.


You can instantly find the testers you’re looking for and add them to the group. It is also possible to upload a group of testers using a csv file; the format is first name, last name, email.


To add another group, click on the “New Group” link in the bottom left corner of the popup. To delete one, click on the “Delete” link in top right corner of the popup.