tvOS Support

Crashlytics Kit for tvOS is almost identical to the iOS counterpart. This document only covers differences. For all other documentation, please see the other Crashlytics for Apple sections.

Install in Dual iOS and tvOS Target Projects

Crashlytics for tvOS and iOS use different versions of the Crashlytics frameworks. To use Crashlytics in projects that have both iOS and tvOS targets follow the instructions below.

  1. Use to follow the standard installation steps for Crashlytics into your iOS target.

  2. To prevent the Crashlytics and Fabric iOS frameworks from being overwritten when onboarding your tvOS target move both frameworks to a new location. The animated GIF below shows steps for moving the Fabric.framework. Repeat the same steps for the Crashlytics.framework.

  3. Update the Framework Search Paths in your iOS project’s Build Settings.

  4. Update the /run path in your iOS Run Scipt Build Phase to point to the updated location.

  5. Build your iOS project to ensure the frameworks and /run script are detected.

  6. Now that you’ve moved the iOS frameworks you’re ready to install Crashlytics into your tvOS target. Switch to your tvOS project’s scheme.

  7. Use to follow the standard installation steps for Crashlytics into your tvOS target.

  8. Follow the steps above to move the frameworks, update the Framework Search Paths, and edit the run script build phase for your tvOS target.

That’s it! You now have Crashlytics installed for both your tvOS and iOS targets.