Migrating macOS and tvOS AppsΒΆ

You can link your macOS and tvOS apps to Firebase using the migration flow to view all of your crashes in Firebase.

Firebase Crashlytics supports reporting Catalyst, macOS and tvOS crashes; however, not all Firebase products work with macOS and tvOS apps. Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind when working with macOS and tvOS apps in Firebase:

1. MacOS and tvOS apps need to be created as iOS apps in a Firebase project, regardless of whether they are migrated from Fabric or onboarded directly into Firebase. If you have an iOS app with the same bundle ID that already exists in Firebase, then you will have to create your macOS or tvOS app in a separate Firebase Project.

2. Google Analytics doesn’t support macOS and tvOS. Crashlytics features that depends on Google Analytics (e.g., Crash-Free Users, Velocity Alerts, and breadcrumbs) won’t be available for Catalyst, macOS, or tvOS apps.

We have no timeline for adding full Analytics support at this time.