Distribute Beta Builds

Both Android and iOS Unity builds can be easily distributed to testers via Crashlytics Beta using our command line tools. The sections below discuss our recommended approach for distributing Unity generated builds through Beta. For more details about Beta, visit our Beta for iOS and Android pages.

Beta Distributions Using fastlane

Your generated APK/IPA can be uploaded to Beta using our fastlane tools. Follow the instructions below to get started.

  1. Install fastlane.
  2. cd into the folder where you APK/IPA is located and run fastlane init.
  • fastlane will initialize, prompting you with a variety of questions.
  • For the question Path to the json secret file:, leave this blank and press enter.
  • After initializing, the following will be created:
    • fastlane/Fastfile, which stores your deployment pipelines (lanes)
    • fastelane/Appfile, which stores your Bundle ID/Package Name
  1. Open your Fastfile. It can be found at (Project Directory)/fastlane/Fastfile
  2. Create a new lane called submit_unity_beta or any name of your choice.
  3. The following code can be used to create your lane. Run Fastlane actions crashlytics from the command line for a full list of crashlytics parameters. Visit your Fabric organization’s settings page to find your API key and secret.
desc "Distribute a new Unity Beta"
lane :submit_unity_beta do
    emails: "sample@sample.com",
    api_token: "FABRIC_API_KEY",
    build_secret: "FABRIC_BUILD_SECRET"
  1. Save the Fastfile and run your new lane in the command line by running fastlane submit_unity_beta
  2. Upon a successful distribution you will see a message saying “Build successfully uploaded to Crashlytics Beta.”

Alternative Distribution Method for iOS

In addition to using fastlane, the generated IPA can be uploaded to Beta using Fabric’s /submit script. Checkout the iOS Beta build tools document for /submit script details and options.