Fabric API Keys

Fabric uses an API key and build secret to authenticate your apps to your organization. All of your apps use the same Fabric organization key and secret.

You can find you key and secret by visiting your organization’s settings page and clicking on the respective links under the organization’s name.

If you want to change your build secret, click the “Build Secret” link, then the “Change Build Secret” link, and finally the “Change” button in the dialog box.


You must be an Admin in your organization to change the build secret.

Once you’ve changed your build secret, make sure to update it in your projects.

On Android:

Replace the existing apiSecret with the new value in your fabric.properties file in the root of your project. You may want to commit this to source control to ensure that the entire team gets the updated value.

On iOS:

Update the build secret in your run script build phase and any place you are invoking the submit tool.